Thursday, December 15, 2016

Effective microorganism (EM) technology

ATTS is advocating for effective microorganism (EM) technology . EM is a combination of various beneficial, naturally occurring, microcomanisms mostly used or found in food.
     Fixation of atmospheric nitrogen
     Buffering capacity of soil pH
     Solublization of insoluble nutrients into soluble ones to be uptake by the plant
     Decomposition of comanic wastes and residues
     Suppression of soil-borne pathogens
      Degradation of toxicants including pesticides
      Production of antibiotic and other proactive compounds
     Get rid of bad odour in animal housing
     When fermented with animal food used to increase intake
     When added to drinking water of poultry improves eggs quality and quantity
Experiments done using EM in agriculture (2008- 2010)
 2008: 1- Tomato in Elsagai (Khartoum North).
2- Sun Flower and Zea maize in Zad Alkhier (Wad Raawa).
1- Land Escape in Dal Khartoum.
2- Galia Melon (Seeliat Shemal).
3- Green Beans (Dabak).
4- Potato (Elkhoglab).
      1- Ground Nuts (Fool Sudani) in Gazera and Elmanagel.
      2- Dorah (Scomhum) in Gazera and Elmanagel.
      3- Tomato in Elmanagel.
1-     Decrease in harvesting time by about 30% - 40%.
2-     Increase in the total yield by almost 100%.
3-    Upgrading  quality ,increase in  size, product is more healthy and as a result
shelf life is extended
4- Increase in the total contents of the product and free from infectious diseases 

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